The art of photography

What makes photography different from painting or other arts?

First of all, in photography — you have got to accommodate physical atoms, shapes, and forms within the globe. A painter will sit down, and easily imagine his setting or final painting. The painter will select no matter colours, tools, or materials to make what's in their mind. In photography, we tend to are a touch additional slave to our surroundings. while not the correct subject, the correct background, light, or color — we tend to can’t build pictures. Some photographers pre-visualize their photos before shooting them. Richard Avedon once had a dream of photographing AN unusual person man, with bees all around him. once he wakened, he sketched it, then place out a billboard trying to find AN unusual person man. Then he photographed it. Other photographers (myself included) — we tend to don’t grasp what we’re trying to find till we see it. for instance, I typically wander the streets, camera-in-hand, simply being hospitable any opportunities. I feel particularly within the art of street photography — the key is to create yourself malleable, flexible, and fluid like water. If you shut off any of your choices, you'll not be as reactive, and you'll miss out plenty of street photography opportunities.