The School Holidays and My Birthday

I began crying again at this new


At last holiday came.First we counted months, than weeks than days until the nightwhen I was sitting  in theMr or miss---- carriage and going home . The driver put my luggage donw on the path and left me, I walked towards the house, afraid of seeing Mr or miss ----staring out of one of windows .No face appeared,however .without knocking on the door I wentin it, walking quietly.

The sound of my mother singing softiy remindedme of the time when I wasvery young.

I went quietly into the room.She was sitting by the fire, nursing a small baby and holding his tiny hand against her neck.I spoke to her and she turnted and cried out in surprise.Then seeing me she called me her dear ---. her precious boy and kissed me.----came running into room and could not stand still because she was so excited.

Mr and Miss --- had gone out vsiting and were not going to return untill after supper.

Ihad never dared to hope that my mother.

-- and Icould be alone together again .We had dinner together by the fire my mother made --eat her dinner wth us .I told them what a cruel master MR -- WAS AND THEY 

pitied me very much . I told them what  fine young man steerforth was,and --said she would walk twenty miles to see him.I held  the little baby in my arms when it was a wake 

and nursed it, gently . When it was asleep I sat close tomy mother my arm round her waist and my my head on her shoulder 

While I SAT like this I almost believed I had never been away  Mr and Miss --and  Mr a school  and that very happy and I Will never forget that evening.

at about ten o,clock swe  heard the sound of the-- returinng MY mother said quicky that it was very late and mr and miss== believed young people should go to bedearly .She said perhaps I Should go I kissed her and went upstair before the they came in.

 I felt very anxous about going down to breakfast inthe mornng .I had not seen Mr --

snce the day of my famous msdeed however  had to meet him He looked at me sa steadily asI entered the parlour ,but  made no sing at   all that he recognized me. Iam glad to hear that you are sorry --- he replid THE the hand he held out for me toshake was the hand Ihad bitten.Miss --asked me HOW long are the holidays. Amonth Miss-- counting form today /Oh said she Then we can tick one day off the calender. She kept a record of the holiday and every morning tixsed aday off in exactly the same way. fact I was not afavourite with Miss---and I was sure i made everybody in the house  uncomfor table .Those who liked me did not dare to show it those who did not showed it so plainly that Ifelt I always appeared to be anxious and dul..